Embedded Development Infrastructure - edi


Driven by the DevOps mindset edi helps you to streamline your embedded development infrastructure. To achieve this goal, edi leverages top-notch open source technologies:

  • Ansible is the tool of choice for doing the configuration management.
  • LXD allows you to run multiple OS instances on your development host. For complex target system deployments LXD is a great choice too.
  • Yaml and Jinja2 are the consistent way to write edi configuration files and Ansible playbooks.
  • Python is the language and ecosystem that makes the system integration efficient.
  • edi is supposed to be used on the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution.
  • By default, edi generates Debian based target systems.


edi is licensed under the LGPL license.


You are welcome to contribute to edi. In case of questions you can contact me by e-mail (lueschem@gmail.com).

More Information

For more information please visit http://www.get-edi.io.